Police searching for driver involved in Bullitt County hit and run; victim recovering in hospital

Julie Patton (source: family photo)
Julie Patton (source: family photo)

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A horrible accident in Bullitt County sends several people to the hospital and police are searching for the driver who caused the crash.

The hit and run crash happened Sunday on Highway 44 between Mt. Washington and Shepherdsville. A mother was thrown from her car, her children also injured.

Julie Patton is recovering at University Hospital, her injuries are very serious. Her two children were also in the car with her, they have been released from the hospital.

Shelly Gollar has been by her sister's side since Sunday.

"She's a great mom, she'll do anything for her kids," said Gollar. "We are here and we are loving and praying for her."

On Sunday, Julie was on her way to her grandmother's funeral visitation with her children, Chase and Sarah, when they were hit by another car.

Someone, driving a white truck, hit the car in front of Julie's causing a major crash.

Britany Rose saw it all unfold.

"It happened where that mailbox is, there was debris and stuff everywhere," said Rose.

Rose says witnesses ran over to help but, the white truck took off.

"The white truck should have damage in the front drivers side," said Rose. "It was a white Ford Ranger."

Julie was ejected from her vehicle, she was flown to University Hospital.

"She's still having difficulty breathing on her own," said Gollar. "She has several broken ribs, fractured sternum, collar bone, nose is broke."

Gollar says it's a miracle her sister, niece, and nephew are alive. She said it's because of all the prayers. A Facebook page has been started to keep the well wishes coming in called "Praying for Julie Patton".

"We've been telling her what people have been putting on the Facebook page and hoping that will encourage her," said Gollar.

Gollar hopes the community will be encouraged and whoever is behind this will turn themselves in.

"It would mean something to us and the family," said Gollar. "She is a strong person. Anyone out there who has children and something like this would happen to you...you would want them to come forward. That's all we want."

As of Tuesday afternoon, Julie was listed in stable condition. The condition of the other driver involved in the crash is unknown.

If you have any information about this hit and run, call the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office 502-543-2514.

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