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Charges dismissed against contractor after he returns money

LA GRANGE, KY (WAVE) - A WAVE 3 Troubleshooter investigation exposes a contractor accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from his clients. Now, Troubleshooter Eric Flack learned some of those customers are getting money back. And that may be the only thing keeping Jeff Webber out of the Oldham County jail right now. But his legal problems, are far from over.

Jeff Webber appeared to be in a good mood as he waited for his case to be called in Oldham County Court. And for good reason.

"It is our motion to dismiss these cases without prejudice," Oldham County Attorney John Carter told the judge.

Carter agreed to dismiss three felony theft counts against Webber after he paid back his former customers.

The owner of Ready, Set, Grow in Crestwood was accused of taking a total of about $40,000 from three different customers for work he didn't finish or in some instances didn't even start.

Moments after being cleared in those cases Webber and his attorney quickly left the courthouse avoiding questions.

"My attorney has advised me not to talk to you," he told Troubleshooter Eric Flack as he walked to his car.

"We still have pending cases," added Webber's attorney, Gary Stewart. "We can't discuss it."

In March, the contractor was indicted in Shelby County court on felony theft charges. Tom Flower said he paid Webber $13,500 for work he didn't do. In January, Webber was also served with a criminal complaint in Jefferson County after John Blackford told prosecutors he paid Webber $5,000 for a job he never started.

In April, Dan and Felicia Gawlinski sued Webber in Jefferson County civil court after they say they paid him more than $20,000 for a backyard remodel. The Gawlinski's said Webber walked off the job in November of 2011 and has not come back.

Webber's attorney was non-committal about making restitution in those cases.

"We will have to see what proof they have and go from there," Stewart said.

Webber is charged with deceptive business practice, breach of contract and violations of the Kentucky building code in that civil lawsuit. However, it will be harder for the Gawlinski's to get their money back because Webber is not facing any criminal charges in that case.

In the cases where Webber is charged criminally, if he does not pay back the money he could wind up in jail.

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