Business back up and running after tornado

MARYSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A Henryville business owner is getting his business back up and running after the March 2nd tornado.

Darrell Basham says it feels amazing to get dirty again.  He's moved his business operation to Marysville.

"Working on race cars is a really hard job but, it don't matter, I love these things," said Basham.

His new project is a heart felt dedication to the people of Henryville.

"This car this year is about us coming back from the tornado," said Basham.

On March 2 when the tornado ripped through, Henryville was left like a war zone. Darrell's business was just one of the many things destroyed.

"My building is just gone over there," said Basham. It's just a parking lot now. We couldn't get insurance it's just gone."

Just like so many in Henryville, Darrell kept his spirits up and was surrounded by people who helped him pick up the pieces.

Everything he could salvage is at a garage in Marysville.

Now, he's on deadline to get a car finished by Friday for a big stock car race this weekend at the Salem Speedway.

"All the body work has to be done, got to shoot the paint on it," said Basham.

A lot of pride is going into the car.

"It's gonna be white, American flag numbers on it, tornado on the side, and the spirit of Henryville," said Basham.

Darrell is gonna be behind the wheel, racing and carrying on spirit of this community he knows is a winner.

"You have to go on," said Basham. "That is what we want to represent with this car is the spirit of Henryville."

The race is this weekend at the Salem Speedway. Qualifying is Saturday and Basham is expected to race around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

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