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WAVE 3 Editorial - April 26, 2012: Serving Others

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

As weeks go, last week was a special one, with all due respect to what next week will be here.
Nearly 1,000 people donated blood to the American Red Cross; more than 3,000 people donated books to JCPS and 9,000 people helped clean up Louisville.

Louisville's Edge Outreach will be able to step up efforts to provide safe drinking water worldwide thanks to nearly 9,000 shoes donated.     

Overall, more than 73,000 people volunteered to give their time to serve others in a very successful inaugural Give a Day Week project. Kudos to the mayor for spearheading it and bringing it back next year. It is a tradition worth keeping as a kickoff to the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Cheers as well to Louisville Metro Council President Jim King who spent the week brokering a deal to get the Louisville Orchestra's musicians performing again after a long hiatus.

Even the legislature succeeded in funding a road plan that includes money for the Ohio River Bridges project and passing a bill to crack down on the flow of addictive prescription drugs leading to crime and violence.    

Too bad it couldn't have happened without having to spend more than a quarter million dollars on a special session.

We encourage our top leaders to take a cue from the many volunteers in our region this past week and put our Commonwealth and its needs ahead of their grudges and squabbling that hold back progress.

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