Mommy makeovers all the rage, Baby stroll helps police make a bust, Ohio River search day two

Finally….The Weekend!!!!!

I hope you'll join Janelle MacDonald and me for WAVE 3 News at 5!

Workers at a Kentuckiana day care give us some insight into the fellow employee charged with pinning down and hitting a two year old in a report from WAVE 3's Elizabeth Donatelli.

The search goes on in the Ohio River for a missing woman from Southern Indiana. WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss bring us the latest on the man who police believe may be involved in three murders.

A baby taking a stroller ride in Louisville ends up helping police make a pot bust. And a police car gets damaged in the process.

Just in time for bikini season, many women are opting for "Mommy Makeovers." WAVE 3's Lori Lyle examines why the procedures involved have become so popular.

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