3-year-old left outside in rain on daycare playground

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A 3-year-old child was outside and alone in the rain at his daycare in southern Indiana. The childcare facility admits fault, but says they've done everything since to make things right. Still the mother thinks charges should be filed.

"(My son) said mommy I was stuck out in the rain," said mother Michelle Hampton.

Hampton says her son was at the Children's Learning Center at Goodwill BridgePointe and the teacher left her son outside and alone in the rain.

"When they found him they told us that he was very upset, that he was wet, and that he had had an accident," said Hampton.

She says he was outside on the playground for 30 to 40 minutes, but the daycare doesn't know how long it was and disagrees that he was upset.

"He talks about being scared, that he's afraid that he's going to be left in the rain," said Hampton.

Hampton contacted Child Protective Services and the State Licensing Board, but so did the facility, which reported itself.

"Unfortunately we did dismiss the teacher because whether it's 5 seconds or 5 minutes, you cannot leave a little one alone and we take that seriously," said CEO of Goodwill Southern Indiana Candice Barksdale.

They even sent letters home to all the parents and re-trained all the teachers on keeping logs to keep tabs on the kids. Barksdale says the teacher insists she counted the children, but somehow missed one.

"The teacher was heartsick that it happened and she was not heartsick over I'm going to lose my job," said Barksdale. "She was heartsick that a little one was by himself on the playground."

That's not enough, however, for his mother.

"Our daycares are not held to the same standards that we as parents are, and if I trust somebody to take care of my child, at a minimum I expect them to have shelter over their head at all times," said Hampton.

Hampton filed a report with Clarksville Police Tuesday and plans to bring it to the prosecutor's office on Monday.

Barksdale insists the Center took all actions necessary after it happened.

"We'll show where our phone calls were made to child care to state licensing to Child Protective Services that we really went above and beyond what we needed to do to notify the proper authorities that something happened," said Barksdale.

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