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Police reach out to other jurisdictions in Gibson case

Police digging up Gibson's backyard Police digging up Gibson's backyard
Christine Whitis & Karen Hodella Christine Whitis & Karen Hodella
Stephanie Kirk Stephanie Kirk
William "Clyde" Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail) William "Clyde" Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - A man accused of killing two women, who are not connected, is linked to a third case. Police discovered the body of a missing mother outside the home of William "Clyde" Gibson, a registered sex offender. Police have reached out to other jurisdictions, about other missing persons cases, and some have responded.

One woman who knew Gibson says he got in trouble as a kid, but she thought things had changed.

"He seemed more mature," said Gibson's neighbor Melodie Shultz. "He seemed more responsible he looked for a job and was helping out the neighborhood. Never seen any activity that looked suspicious over here."

Still New Albany Police were suspicious and in the last two weeks Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson charged him with two counts of murder. One is for killing long-time family friend 75-year-old Christine Whitis, and then for killing Karen Hodella ten years ago, a woman he met at a bar. Henderson says both were strangled.

Meanwhile, police and fire searched the Ohio River after authorities say Gibson made statements about dumping bodies. So far they have not found anything.

On Friday, they went back to Gibson's home.

"Once they made the discovery of fresh earth then they proceeded very carefully to follow through to not damage any evidence that could be part of that scene," said Henderson.

The Jefferson County Medical Examiner confirmed it was 35-year-old Stephanie Marie Kirk, who has been missing for a month after she was supposed to be at a bar. However, Henderson still isn't filing charges until there is a final cause of death.

"Once I've received that, I will make the decision on whether or not there will be additional charges filed," said Henderson.

Henderson says they are reaching out to nearby agencies to see if they have any missing person cases that Gibson could be involved in.

"They've put that word out and they've received some word from other jurisdictions asking them to follow up," said Henderson.

Despite similarities, Henderson is not calling Gibson a serial killer.

"Our allegations are at this point that those are two unrelated murders with no apparent link and I know that's part of the definition," said Henderson.

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