One man killed in domestic dispute

GUSTON, KY (WAVE) - No charges have been filed after a fatal shooting Friday in Meade County.
Kentucky State Police continues to investigate what happened at two neighboring mobile homes along the 1700 block of Berry Cain Road in Guston.
Officers made runs to that home on Friday, but say they never expected things to spiral out of control.
"Pretty tragic. Big tragedy," Paul Smith said. Smith and his son own the two mobile homes where everything took place Friday afternoon.
"I came in and the road was blocked with several police cars," Smith told WAVE 3 News.
Police tell WAVE 3 that 29-year-old Joshua Wemes had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend, Toby Knott.
The situation got so severe Friday that police say Knott escaped to her daughter's home next door.
Moments later, police say Wemes followed her by getting behind the wheel of Knott's car and driving into her daughter's home next door.
Police say Wemes was apparently trying to get to Knott who was inside.
A showdown then took place between the husband of Knott's daughter and Wemes.

Police say after a struggle, Wemes stormed inside the home, at which point 22-year-old Quinton Phillips shot Wemes in the stomach and killed him. Phillips is the husband of Knott's daughter.

Smith says he's surprised Wemes got so out of control.
"He had got hurt here sometime last summer on a construction outfit and was disabled for quite awhile but got over that. He seemed alright. I think there was a little bit of a meth problem," Smith said.
Police confirm that, saying that before he drove the car into the home, Wemes threw meth making materials into a nearby field.
Knott moved out of her home over the weekend; her daughter and Phillips followed.
"She said she couldn't live here anymore after what had went on," Smith said.
At this time, no charges are expected to be filed against Phillips, but the case remains under investigation. 

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