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Tim Tebow goes to prom - sort of

Iowa teenager Rachel Bird took a cutout of her dream date to prom - Tim Tebow. (Source: Rachel Bird) Iowa teenager Rachel Bird took a cutout of her dream date to prom - Tim Tebow. (Source: Rachel Bird)

KINGSLEY, IA (RNN) - Teenager Rachel Bird had the perfect date to prom. He was good looking, he didn't mind if she danced with other boys or spent too much time talking with her friends, and he made her extremely popular at the dance.

His name was Tim Tebow.

The senior at Kingsley-Pierson High School in Kingsley, IA, took a life-size cardboard cutout of the Jets quarterback to last week's prom.

"I wanted to go to prom with my group of friends but all of my guy friends had dates," the 18-year-old wrote in an email. "I didn't want to just go to prom with anybody, because then I wouldn't be able to be with my friends the whole time."

One of Bird's friends said he'd pay her $50 if she could get Tebow to go to the prom with her.

Bird attempted to ask the Heisman Trophy winner to prom via Twitter, but wasn't surprised when she did not receive a response. After all, he receives hundreds of messages a day.

Not to be deterred, Bird decided to take Tebow to prom anyway.

"I figured I would get some laughs out of my friends, and then in group pictures, I wouldn't have to be standing alone," Bird said.

Bird paid $20 to have the photo of Tebow made life-size, and glued the vinyl print on cardboard she got from behind the local hardware store. Her dad attached a support and a handle so she could carry him around.

The couple took her dad's GMC Yukon to the prom – Tebow rode in the back.

One more positive quality – Tebow was a cheap date.

Tebow posed in pictures at the prom and danced with Bird and her friends to both fast and slow songs.

Bird is surprised by the attention she's getting - her intent was to get a few laughs out of her friends.

"I wasn't even sure if a picture of Tim and I would make it in the yearbook," she said.

Bird is taking the heat of the spotlight in stride, focusing on the positive comments and ignoring the negative – which is good, she doesn't have time. Graduation is coming up and she will soon attend Northwestern College in Orange City, IA.

As for her date? Tebow is currently standing in her entryway in Kingsley, greeting her when she gets home and reminding her of all the fun she had at prom.

Even with all the attention, Bird has yet to hear from the actual Tim Tebow.

"Meeting him in person would be absolutely amazing," Bird said, "But I wouldn't be sad if I even got a tweet."

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