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Exclusive: Investigators search near river in Clark Co, witness says Gibson was there

William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail) William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail)
Stephanie Kirk Stephanie Kirk
Christine Whitis and Karen Hodella Christine Whitis and Karen Hodella
William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail) William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – A man says he saw William Clyde Gibson, out of jail, with investigators in Clark County on Monday. 

New Albany Police won't confirm or deny that they were searching near the Ohio River in Utica, but WAVE 3 captured video that shows investigators there. A witness says he even made eye contact with Gibson.

Driving home from work on Monday, it was a sight, Michael O'Brien wasn't expecting. "There were a couple cop cars, unmarked cars, and then also a prisoner that they looked like they were talking to," said O'Brien.

As he took a closer look, he says he realized that it wasn't just any prisoner. He says it was William Clyde Gibson, the New Albany man charged with killing Christine Whitis and Karen Hodella. He's now linked to a third woman's murder.

"When I drove by, he kind of looked up at me and kind of smiled," said O'Brien. "It just seemed very odd in the atmosphere that they were in."

When WAVE 3 arrived in Utica, Gibson wasn't there, but investigators were, even a K-9 officer. O'Brien says while he was on Utica Pike, the suspect wasn't hard to miss.

"He was in shackles and still had his orange jail outfit on and obviously it had to be pretty serious in order for them to bring him out of the jail and have him on site there to give some clues evidently is what it looked like, he was trying to give them some clues as to a possible body or what have you," said O'Brien.

Since Gibson's arrest back on April 19, investigators have searched the Ohio River in Floyd County and police have extensively scoured Gibson's home and landscape, even using high tech equipment to x-ray the ground. It's been a little more than a week since Stephanie Kirk's body was uncovered in Gibson's backyard.

O'Brien says he can only imagine what's next. "You're just thinking to yourself, what is it, are they looking for another possible lead, another body that's missing that they are trying to find," said O'Brien. "Just out of the blue here they are, here in Clark County in Utica, searching for what, I don't know."

Police have not told us if they have made any significant discoveries since finding Kirk's body buried near the house. Investigators are expected to be back at Gibson's house on Tuesday. 

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