911 calls released from murder suicide in Middletown

Karyn Michele Carr (Source: face book)
Karyn Michele Carr (Source: face book)
James Johnson Carr (Source: LMDC)
James Johnson Carr (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE 3 has obtained the 911 calls made just moments before a murder suicide at a Middletown home. It all happened just a week ago in the 11800 block of Wetherby Avenue.

Around 2:00 last Tuesday Morning, Metro Police say they found Karyn Michele Carr shot several times. Her husband, James Johnson Carr, turned the gun on himself. Police say he shot Karyn first and then phoned family members, who called 911.

"I actually got to talk to the guy on the phone," said the caller. "He said he got into a fight and shot her. Now, I never heard no gunshots or nothing.

The couple's 18 month-old was home at the time and was found unharmed.
Police say that James had lived at the home two weeks prior to the incident, then the couple separated and he moved out.

"The husband did actually use a pry bar, some type of tool to force his way into the home obviously that is when the incident took place," said LMPD Lt. Barry Wilkerson.

Police said the couple had a history of domestic violence. According to the 911 calls, family members were aware of their troubled relationship.

"They are in the middle of marital trouble, I have no idea what is going on," said the caller.

WAVE 3 discovered that Karyn had an emergency order of protection filed against her husband after an April 15 incident. Karyn told authorities that James attacked her and threatened her with a knife. She got away and ran to a neighbor's home for help. James Carr was arrested.

The Center for Women and Families says Karyn did the right thing to file the emergency order of protection but, unfortunately it didn't stop this tragedy.

"There are times where the power of control is all that the person wants and they don't care if a protective order is in place," said Tamara Reif from the Center for Women and Families.

The Center for Women and Families says women shouldn't be discouraged to file a emergency order or protection in cases where they are in danger. They can work. The center advises that victims of domestic violence seek help from their family, friends, and the shelter.

As for the Carr's daughter, police say she is in the custody of her grandmother.

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