Life without parole for Brent Burke

FORT CAMPBELL, KY (WAVE) - A military panel has just come back with a sentence for Brent Burke.  He will spend life in a military prison without parole.

Burke was convicted earlier Tuesday of killing his estranged wife Tracy Burke and her former mother-in-law Karen Comer. They were killed in September 2007 in Comer's Rineyville home. Three small children were inside the home at the time as well, but were unharmed.

Jeremy Aldridge, one of the attorneys representing the families of Karen Comer and Tracy Burke tells WAVE 3 News, "They're extremely pleased."  He said of the decision, "They used the word bittersweet because it's been a long four and a half years for them and they've known all along that he's (Brent Burke) is the one responsible and after two juries came back hung. It's nice to see one get it right."

Unlike the civilian trials, this time the jury got to hear everything Burke told police. "In my opinion," Aldridge told WAVE, "the biggest thing out of the interview is it took him (Burke) one hour and 20 minutes before he even asked about the boys, because he already knew they were fine," he continued, "He was told that Karen had been killed and Tracy had been killed and it took him an hour and 20 minutes before he even asked about the boys."

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