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Henryville mother's foundation hopes to help women in need

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Stephanie Decker Stephanie Decker

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Henryville "hero mom" Stephanie Decker, who lost part of both her legs after saving her kids from an EF 4 tornado, has shared her entire journey so far.

Now, with all eyes on her she hopes her story will help others in need.

She has created the Stephanie Decker Foundation.

The new charity will focus on helping women to get on the right path. It will also pass on how to be positive, how to take a bad situation and turn it into a good situation and how to can change your life for the better.

That positive attitude seems to be something Stephanie was born with. That attitude gave her the strength she needed to face adversity.

Stephanie said knows without the help of family, friends and folks she never got the chance to meet, getting back home, getting well, paying bills and getting around would have been difficult if not impossible, "It's incredible the support we've gotten for all of our medical needs in our fund and I think we can do the same thing with that foundation I wanna help them do the same thing."

Stephanie will champion the single mom, the women in need, the victim of trauma. To learn more about the foundation click here. It will tell you how to mail a donation, donate stock or donate on line. The foundation is managed by the Community Foundation of Louisville. It will distribute grants from the foundation to non- profit organizations, churches or schools. There is also another foundation called 90-120 tornado relief fund.

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