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Students arrested for video voyeurism of teacher

Carlos Cain (Source: LMDC) Carlos Cain (Source: LMDC)
Devon Ewing (Source: LMDC) Devon Ewing (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two students at Doss High School are facing serious charges after a teacher said they used a cell phone to videotape her without her knowing.

According to warrants obtained by WAVE 3, one student distracted the teacher while the other placed a cell phone underneath her dress.

The warrants name Carlos Eugene Cain Jr., 18, of Louisville and Devon Ewing,18, of Louisville.

The warrants said Ewing asked for the teacher's help "in an apparent ruse to enable the production of the video." While the teacher was bent over helping Ewing, the warrant said Cain was behind her and placed Ewing's cell phone under her dress without her consent or knowledge. The video was uploaded to YouTube. The a warrant said Cain "contacted others about the video posting and described how to locate it."

Sherry Powell has two children that attend Doss High School "As a parent, I have mixed emotions on it," said Powell. "Only in that the students were absolutely wrong. This is a very serious nature. It was very hurtful. The flip side to that is, I wish they could've taken care of it between the principal, the student, the teacher, the parents and got some type of very harsh accountability for such a serious thing."

"I think certainly, it's disturbing that this teacher was violated this way," said Lauren Roberts, spokeswoman for Jefferson County Public Schools. "Unfortunately, young people make rash and sometimes bad decisions and they will face the consequences for that."

Roberts said a student reported the video to staff. When school officials learned about the video, the report says they confronted Cain, who admitted his involvement to the principal and a Jefferson County deputy sheriff who serves as the school resource officer. Cain also said Ewing was aware of the plan to make the video.

"It would be wrong anywhere that would take place," said Powell. "The fact that it happened at doss does not make me think 'Oh wow. there's something wrong.' No, the faculty there is on it. I am so impressed with how the faculty at Doss handles these situations."

Powell said this could be a learning experience for students.

"They'll realize that this kind of behavior isn't acceptable," said Powell. "There's no fun and games when it comes to harming someone else's reputation."

The two students are charged with felony video voyeurism. They're facing additional severe consequences form the school. Roberts said they have very strict policies and procedures when it comes to electronic devices including cell phones.

Ewing and Cain were booked into Louisville Metro Corrections. Each is facing one count of video voyeurism.

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