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Mother dies after boat takes on water

Amanda Frank (Source: Facebook) Amanda Frank (Source: Facebook)

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A woman died after a weekend boating incident on Lake Shelby.

Amanda Frank, 34, of Louisville was found unresponsive by Emergency Medical Services after crews were called to a reported boating accident at 6:53 p.m. on Saturday.

Frank had been on the boat with her 12-year-old son and her friend, when the boat began taking on water.

"As the boat began taking on water, they tried to get the boat started but was unable to," said Shelby County Coroner Jeff Ivers.

All three decided to abandon the boat and jumped into the water.

When EMS crews arrived, Frank was still in the water. Her son also was in the water, trying to keep his mother's head above the water.

"He has one hand on the boat and one hand on her trying to hold her up," said Todd Frank, the victim's husband. "That boy was so brave. It touched my heart knowing my son tried to do that."

"The son was trying to keep the mother... the mother had went underwater several times," said Ivers. "He was trying to keep her abreast 'til help arrived."

The friend made it to shore and was told by bystanders to run and get help.

People in a boat nearby pulled Frank on board and placed her son in a canoe.

EMS crews transported Frank to Jewish Hospital Shelbyville where she was pronounced dead. Her son was taken to the same hospital for evaluation, but he suffered no injuries.

Todd Frank said he and his son are trying to cope.

"My son, he's pretty tore up. He made her a Mother's Day card at school. He was supposed to give it to her today," Frank said. "It's almost unreal."

Frank said his wife lived with several medical issues. An autopsy was performed Sunday, but authorities are awaiting more information before the cause of death can be determined. Authorities are not saying Amanda Frank drowned.

"No, I think it was something to do with her... just the stress of what it was from being in the water with my son, worried about my son, I think maybe a heart attack or something like that," Frank said. "I'd be surprised if it says she actually did drown."

No one on board was wearing a life jacket, though the boat had life jackets on board. The plug of the boat was also tightly in place. Investigators are trying to determine how the water came on board.

Meanwhile, Todd Frank and his son are forced to live without a wife and mother.

"They were just fishing on the lake," Frank said. "That's something she liked doing. Something my son said, 'At least Mom died doing something she loved doing.' I said, 'Yeah, you're right.'"

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