Patio Peach Great Choice For Small Gardens

By Cindi Sullivan

(LOUISVILLE, May 3rd, 2004) -- If you want a spring garden but your space is limited, WAVE 3's Garden Talk expert Cindi Sullivan has some advice on a beautiful plant that doesn't require a lot of space.

When you've got a small garden, making the most of your space is critical, so I like to choose plants for their beauty and their productivity. For instance, the patio peach.

A patio peach is actually a dwarf cultivar that is self-pollinating. The patio peach has striking pink flowers in spring that are remarkably long-lasting. The tree also has a natural weeping habit that leads interest in the garden.

The reason these plants are commonly called patio peaches is that they will perform very well in a large container on your deck or patio. To plant a patio peach, I recommend using a 50-50 mix of really good topsoil like this Perennial Mix from Nugent Organics and a lightweight, soilless mix like Promix. Plant the tree at the same depth that is was growing in its original container, but you can allow some extra width in its new container.

Use a water soluble fertilizer to water in the tree and put some slow release fertilizer on the soil surface to feed it all season long.

The beauty of a patio peach is that is will actually produce yellow-fleshed freestone peaches that are large and sweet -- what a great bonus.

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