Multi-million dollar renovation coming to Louisville area high school

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A much needed update is coming to Eastern High School, in the form of a $31 million construction project.

It's already underway at the school in the heart of Middletown. It includes a new 600 seat auditorium. Current choir members like Senior Ben Vivona will tell you how needed it is. "It's terrible really. The sound goes all the way up and the stage is so deep that it just gets lost in the auditorium."

That is only the beginning at the 62 year-old school. It will also get a new media center, 13 new classrooms and air conditioning. That's something students don't currently have in the gym. In addition, they'll also be adding a walkway, called Main Street, to not only get to the new section, but also that gym. Principal Lana Kaelin says currently students walk outside to get to that area of the building.

She says the changes are not only about convenience. It's about having enough space in a school not built for the current 2,100 students. Something she says is a daily battle now. "To be able to give them the space they need to do instructional activities in a way that's productive and not always having to say well we can't do this project because we need this space or we have to postpone that until we can reserve this space. I think it will free up students and teachers a lot to really focus in on those project based things."

It's easy to tell just how excited the students are, especially the ones like Vivona who are showing some signs of jealousy they won't be around to enjoy the updates. "It's nice. If they had done it about two years earlier, I'd have been a little more happy." It does give them even more reason to be a proud alum.

School Board members say the project is being paid by general funds. It is expected to be ready for students when they start the 2013-214 school year.

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