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Louisville man charged with attempted murder of murder suspect

© William O'Bannon (Source: LMDC) © William O'Bannon (Source: LMDC)
James Mallory (Source: LMDC) James Mallory (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville man is accused of trying to kill one of three suspects in the murder of a Louisville teen.

Police said William O'Bannon robbed and fired a handgun at James Mallory the day before 15-year-old Gregory Holt was shot to death. Mallory is a suspect in Holt's murder, which happened April 11 at the Clover Street apartment Holt shared with his mother.  

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According to a police report, O'Bannon and two other people lured Mallory into an alley near South Second Street and West Jacob Street on April 10 in order to rob and kill him. The motive, said police, was a court case in which Mallory was scheduled to testify.

O'Bannon allegedly asked Mallory if he intended to testify against O'Bannon's friends. The police report states that O'Bannon then pointed a gun at Mallory, and all three suspects demanded Mallory's property.

Mallory was able to fight off his assailants. O'Bannon is accused of firing multiple shots at Mallory as Mallory ran. Mallory suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

The following night, Gregory Holt was robbed and killed at home while his mother was grocery shopping. Mallory was arrested in connection with the crime on April 16. Cannon Curtis Pendergrass, 22, and Anthony Hogan, 18, were also charged with murder in the same case.

In April, Mallory was supposed to testify against a former cellmate, John "Hot Boy" Jones in Jones' attempted murder and assault trial, but Mallory told jurors he had no knowledge of the crimes.  A jury acquitted Jones of shooting a woman in 2010.

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