Woman killed in mine accident identified

VERONA, KY (WAVE) - A mine accident has left one person dead at the Sterling Materials mine in Verona, a town near the Boone-Gallatin County line.

Investigators say 37-year-old Angela Common of Carrollton was operating a large dump truck called a Yuke, when it hit a rock wall and caused her to fall off and be run over.

Common worked at the limestone mine for two years, but the equipment she was using just arrived at the mine Monday.

Her daughter, Monica Willoughby, is still is disbelief. "It hasn't registered, I feel like I'm in a dream. I'm waiting on the call to say it ain't her, it was somebody else in her truck."

The Mine Safety Administration happened to be doing an inspection at the mine Tuesday.

Operations are suspended for now while OSHA investigates.

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