Henryville concert; Victim's mother charged; "Heart" warming story

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

Happy Wednesday to you!

It's been an active day here at WAVE 3 and I hope you'll join Scott Reynolds and me for WAVE 3 News at 11!

A Louisville mother has been arrested and charged with trying to kill the suspect in her son's murder the day before that murder happened.  WAVE 3's Connie Leonard is sorting it all out and will break down what police think happened.

We were also at that benefit concert for Henryville this evening with Lady Antebellum.  A lot of people were trying to get to this concert but couldn't.  WAVE 3's Matt McCutcheon will take you there.

WAVE 3's Katie Bauer has a story you won't want to miss… A Kentuckiana child who died because of child abuse lives on in the heart of a little boy she never met.  We'll hear from her mother who recently met the little boy she helped save.

Plus, WAVE 3 meteorologist Brian Goode examines new claims that we're right in the middle of "Tornado Valley."

We'll see you after Law & Order: SVU … tonight at 11!

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