Mom charged with attempted murder of suspect in son's death

Kendra Wilson (Source: LMDC)
Kendra Wilson (Source: LMDC)
Gregory Holt (Source: Family photo)
Gregory Holt (Source: Family photo)
Gregory O'Bannon (Source: LMDC)
Gregory O'Bannon (Source: LMDC)
James Mallory (Source: LMDC)
James Mallory (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The mother of a 15 year old who was gunned down in April is now charged with attempting to murder the man who's the prime suspect in her son's death.

Police say it all went down the day before Kendra Wilson's son, Gregory Holt, was killed.

It's a bizarre turn of events because the Wilson is now charged with the attempted murder of James Mallory, a man who's been a central figure in several violent crimes.

Wilson turned herself in Wednesday afternoon.

"They charged her with attempted murder and robbery," said community activist Chris 2x who talked with Wilson for several hours Wednesday afternoon.

Holt, a Farnsley Middle School student, was seemingly gunned down for no reason in his Cloverdale apartment April 11.

This is what Wilson told WAVE 3 News after her son was murdered, "I would have took those bullets for my child and I feel like I let him down. I wasn't here to protect him."

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Wilson found her apartment door kicked in with five bullet holes in her son's door and Holt dead inside.

At the time, she told us she knew it was not a burglary. "What they came and took, was my son's life and he didn't deserve that."

Mallory is one of three people charged in the boy's murder.

Police now believe Mallory and two other men went to Wilson's home looking for her.

The reason? Sources close to the case say police believe Wilson tipped off William O'Bannon about where to find Mallory. O'Bannon was charged with trying to shoot Mallory on Tuesday.

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According to police records, O'Bannon and two others confronted Mallory about testifying against their friend, John "Hot Boy" Jones at his trial.

Mallory claims he tried to run and was grazed by a bullet. Sources say, police believe Mallory then showed up in retaliation at Wilson's home killing her son.

Chris 2X said of Wilson's decision to turn herself in, "I think she was stunned, but she was a realist in that she needed to confront the issue in regards to the request from LMPD Homicide to talk to her."

Chris 2x is asking the community to let the case play out in court, "Hopefully the justice that everybody is looking for on all sides will manifest itself. It's not an easy day for none of these families, I can tell the public that with great clarity. It's terrible for everybody."

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