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WAVE 3 Guest Editorial - May 17, 2012: Foster Parenting

Dr. Bill Smithwick Dr. Bill Smithwick

By Dr. Bill Smithwick,
President/CEO Sunrise Children's Services
How many times have you watched the evening news only to be heartbroken by a story about a young victim of child abuse or neglect? Sitting in the comfort of our own homes, we watch these reports and  feel helpless, wondering – what can I do?

The answer may lie right there in the comfort of your own home. Right now, there are children in Kentucky looking for a refuge from abuse and neglect. They need a home, they need support and stability. They need adults in their lives they can trust. They need someone, maybe someone just like you.

Foster parenting is not a job, and it's not a hobby. It's answering a call to help a child who longs for a place to feel safe and secure. A place where they can heal, and a place where they can begin to live and dream without fear.

May is Foster Care Awareness month and there's no better time to learn how you can help a child living in crisis. Last year, over 15,500 children in Kentucky suffered abuse and neglect, and each one deserves to experience comfort in their own home.

What can you do? Visit www.sunrise.org to learn more about foster parenting. These stories will always be heartbreaking, but together we can make a life-changing, and maybe a life-saving difference for an innocent child.

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