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Families traumatized after day of violence

Tekaya Anderson Tekaya Anderson
Cynthia Murphy Cynthia Murphy
Tyson Mimms (Source: LMDC) Tyson Mimms (Source: LMDC)
Craig Bland, Jr. (Source: LMDC) Craig Bland, Jr. (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's a day that came crashing down fast for Tekaya Anderson and her family. Her cousin, Makeba Lee was shot and killed with no warning.

"Too many people are dying and they took my cousin from me," Anderson said.

Thursday's violence ended with relatives grieving at different shooting scenes and all feeling helpless with no answers.

"I'm trying to find out what happened," said Cynthia Murphy.

Murphy just found out her son Daniel and two of her nephews had been shot. Her son was wounded in the leg. "He's stable and he's OK," Murphy said of her son,"My other two are not and they're all in their mid 20's."

One of her nephews, 24-year-old Tyson Mimms and another man, 22-year-old Craig Bland Junior were gunned down and killed at 32nd and Kentucky.

Mimms' girlfriend is Makeba Lee, and the mother of his little boy. Lee rushed back to the neighborhood after hearing that Mimms had been killed.

Anderson said of Lee, "She was at the hospital, I told them don't come down here (32nd and Kentucky), they came down here anyway."

That's when Makeba Lee got in an argument with another woman and was shot by that woman in broad daylight. It happened in front of a huge crowd of people including dozens of police officers. An officer then shot and wounded Lee's killer.

Anderson told WAVE 3 News, "She came down here to see what was going on with her baby daddy and turns out she got killed."

Now, a one-year-old boy is an orphan.

"Both of his parents is gone," Anderson said, "from the mother to the father and they're both gone."

"It needs to stop," she said, "people killing each other for no apparent reason."

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