Kentuckiana's Greatest Generation - William D. Beard

Dave Beard
Dave Beard

William David Beard

When the War started he was eating lunch in a downtown hotel with his wife.  He was newly married.  He was wearing his Army uniform.  During lunch a newsboy ran in with an "Extra".  He threw the paper on the table in front of William.  It was announced that Pearl Harbor had been attacked.  The paperboy didn't even charge him for the paper!  He was shipped out soon after that.

William spent the next three years in Europe.  He was in Casablanca, North Africa; Oran, Algeria; Palermo, Sicily; Naples, Italy; Paris, France; Heidelberg, Germany; and England.  He saw action in Gela, Sicily.

He received a battlefield commission to 1st Lieutenant.

His unit was the 7th Army Headquarters, Ordance Section.  He worked in General Patton's Headquarters and bunked with the General's chauffeur.  He saw General Patton frequently.

After being Europe from 1942-1945, he returned to Louisville and started working for Oscar Ewing Dairy as a route salesman.  He was with them until his retirement.

William is 85 years old.


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submitted by: Sharon Hoellman