Community groups offer ideas to stop the violence

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One thing that outnumbers the shootings recently, is the number of opinions on what's causing the shootings.

"Kentucky gun laws are very weak," said one local minister.

"Without the proper education, they do not have the hope of a good job and career in this country," said Man Up founder MeShorn Daniels.

"The problem is with leadership. The problem is with parents," said Minister Jerald Muhammad.

At a time when young people can't get along, neither can community leaders. At a Stop the Violence press conference called by one group, another group showed up, asked to join in, and was denied.

While the first group outlined their ideas, they were then heckled at times by some members of the other group. An awkward situation, at a time when the community is dealing with a difficult problem.

"These individuals who have a mindset that they're going to hurt somebody, rest assured you don't have the power to intervene in the situation. But what we can do is to create a better, habitable environment for the children, be better relational advocates," said community activist Christopher 2X.

His group is launching a social networking idea, turn 52 of its members loose in places like Facebook to try to positively influence young lives.

"Folks shouldn't feel like picking up a gun in front of the police and media and killing somebody. But it happens because we don't have relationships. It happens because we have to reclaim our neighborhoods," said councilwoman Attica Scott.

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