Molly Dattilo's sister answers questions about links to Gibson

Molly Dattilo
Molly Dattilo
Molly's sister Tara Warner
Molly's sister Tara Warner
William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd Count Jail)
William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd Count Jail)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - A New Albany man is charged with two murders and investigators found the body of a third buried in his backyard. WAVE 3 caught up with the family of another area missing woman to ask if they think there could be a connection.

"She had a fun really outgoing personality," said Tara Warner about her missing sister. "She was really friendly towards people. She was an amazing runner. She was top 10 in the state of Indiana all four years of high school."

Those are the things Molly Dattilo's big sister remembers most about her.

"If someone asked her to do something, she would always go out of her way to do something. She was always doing things for other people."

Dattilo was taking summer school classes in Indianapolis. She left her brother's apartment with just a key, and never made it home.

"I got a call on a Friday from my dad who said your sister Molly is missing," said Warner.

That was eight years ago and still one of the most talked about missing person's cases in region.

Just recently two other ones may be solved. William "Clyde" Gibson, of New Albany, is charged with killing Karen Hodella 10 years ago. She was missing for months before police discovered her body along the Ohio River.

35-year-old Stephanie Kirk of Clark County vanished in March. Police discovered her body in late April, buried in Gibson's backyard.

WAVE 3 asked Warner if the name "William Clyde Gibson" rings any bells or if police have contacted her family about a possible connection.

"They have not," said Warner. "We're actually focused on our main lead."

Dattilo's family won a $3.5 million judgment against John Shelton and his father Edward Shelton of Avon, IN. The lawsuit claims the men attacked Dattilo and possibly caused her death, however, neither has ever been criminally charged. Her sister says they'll keep fighting and has something to say to families of missing persons.

"To never give up hope and to remember that if their loved one has passed away that they are in a good place now," said Warner.

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