Inmate had leg up on Hardin County jail break

Vance Tate and Brandon Board (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)
Vance Tate and Brandon Board (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky State Police are searching for two inmates who escaped from the Hardin County Detention Center.

One of the inmates was a trustee at the jail. A trustee is an inmate who helps get other inmates ready for work details in the morning and knows who's manning what posts and when.

At exactly 3:03 Friday morning, jail surveillance video shows 37-year-old Vance Tate of Louisville and 21-year-old Brandon Board of Bardstown walking out the front door.

The men are two restricted custody inmates in the minimum security area of the detention center. Apparently, Tate had a leg up on their get-away.

Sergeant Robert Reynolds tells WAVE 3 News, Tate was a trustee who works closely with officers in the building.

He says, Tate gets inmates up and ready for work details and keeps track of their times in and out. "Because of that," Reynolds said, "this inmate would have a closer working knowledge of where an officer would be and what particular times different areas of the building he may be able to go out of."

The sergeant says Tate waited for a deputy to escort the work detail through the back door. When he saw the coast was clear, he and Board walked out the front door, around the corner and then dug a hole to freedom under the security fence.

Reynolds says the two then climbed up the hill where a car was waiting for them.

Normally, an officer would spot inmates at the gate through an outside security camera in that area. Unfortunately for the jail, the camera took a lightening hit three weeks ago.

What's worse? The hole under the fence is in the exact same spot where 43-year old Lonnie Ray Coy and 19-year-old Joshua Nunn got out last November.

That's why jailer Danny Allen is now asking the Kentucky Department of Corrections to get involved to help find a solution to the area under the fence.

For now, the jail's maintenance crews are putting up a temporary fix by installing additional security fences in front of the entry doors to the minimum security building.

Although the men are minimum security inmates, police say they're serving time for some pretty serious offenses. For Board, it's assault on a police officer and burglary. For Tate, it's multiple drug charges.

Kentucky State Police tell us they're working good leads.

That's thanks in part to the jail who helped with information like the names of girlfriends who recently came for visits as well as possible addresses.

The two men now face escape charges. Anyone with information about the escapees should call police.

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