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West End residents condemn recent violence; seek solutions

Makeba Lee Makeba Lee
Tyson Mimms (source: LMDC) Tyson Mimms (source: LMDC)
Craig Bland Jr. (source: LMDC) Craig Bland Jr. (source: LMDC)
Air 3 over the shooting scene near 1010 South 32nd St. Air 3 over the shooting scene near 1010 South 32nd St.
South 32nd Street South 32nd Street

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- Just days after West Louisville was rocked by violence that made news across the country...neighbors and community members are still reeling as they struggle to make sense of it all. People are telling WAVE 3 flat out they want the violence to end.

"I wish that they'd just stop all of the killing," said Theresa Love, who is a family friend of one of the victim's from Thursday's wave of violence said. She does not live far from the shooting scenes.

A sincere plea after loosing Makeba Lee, 24. A memorial made up of her pictures, balloons, flowers, candles and stuffed animals now stands where she was shot to death Thursday near 32nd and Garland. Love placed flowers there Saturday.

"Because this violence needs to stop," said Love. "She's like a sister. That's a waste."

Lee was one of 3 people shot to death Thursday in a series of violent acts. Tyson Mimms, 24, and Craig Bland Jr, 22, were killed near 32nd and Kentucky. Three others were injured. After the shootings, WAVE 3 learned Mimms' girlfriend is Makeba Lee, and the mother of his son. Lee rushed back to the neighborhood after hearing that Mimms had been killed. That's when Makeba Lee got in an argument with another woman and was shot by that woman in broad daylight. It happened in front of a huge crowd of people including dozens of police officers. An officer then shot and wounded Lee's killer.

Love said "Violence is all around here. I'm getting ready to move because this, this street right here is violence city."

Karen Haines Lewis lives in Shively. "I think everybody's nervous, cautious, not knowing what's going to happen next," said Haines Lewis. "Thinking that it hasn't ended. That people may start to retaliate."

Saturday afternoon, there was heavy police presence near the shooting scenes. Saturday, people and community leaders sought solutions at several events condemning recent violence.

"There's a lot of ways to fix problems. But, the number one way we think the problem can be fixed is just people coming to love the community and invest in the community. Invest their time invest their resources," said Pastor Lloyd Spence of Authentic Kingdom World Ministries.

Reverend A.D. Malone, Jr. Leads the Church Without Doors Minitries. "It's time for us to put action together and start working together as one to re-vitalize this community," He said.

Lenora Moore who lives near 32nd and Kentucky had her own idea of a possible solution to the violence that rocked the area where she lives "We need to put some money into the West End. Like Parkland. It shouldn't take to much to open Parkland back up or something, so these kids something to do and somewhere to go."

Louisville mayor Greg Fischer is expected to attend church in that community on Sunday as well as walk and talk with the people who call that area home.

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