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2 escaped inmates found riding bicycles

Vance Tate and Brandon Board (Source: Hardin County Detention Center) Vance Tate and Brandon Board (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)

RADCLIFF, KY (WAVE) – Two men who had escaped from a jail are now back in custody.

At exactly 3:03 Friday morning, jail surveillance video showed 37-year-old Vance Tate of Louisville and 21-year-old Brandon Board of Bardstown walking out the front door.

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Nearly 48 hours later, at 12:49 a.m. Sunday, Radcliff police said both Tate and Board were found riding bicycles on U.S. 31W. Bryce Schumate, a spokesman for Radcliff police, told WAVE 3 an officer spotted two men riding bicycles along U.S. 31W.

"It's strange to see people riding bicycles at 1 o'clock in the morning on 31-w. So, being alert, he pulled them over and stopped them to talk to them. See what was going on," said Schumate.

Both of the men took off on foot and were captured by the two officers soon after. The escapees were taken into custody without incident.

"Criminals, sometimes, are not the smartest people in the world," said Schumate. "

"That silly decision paid off on making sure that the citizens of Hardin County are safe and sound because we don't have 2 escaped prisoners that are out in our community wandering around."

As for the men's escape, a security camera would've spotted the men...but the building took a lightning strike 3 weeks ago. It's the same location where where 43-year-old Lonnie Ray Coy and 19-year-old Joshua Nunn got out last November.

The jailer, Danny Allen, is asking the D.O.C. to help find a fix to the space under the fence. As of now, their own crews are putting up a temporary fix which includes installing an additional security fence in front of the entry doors to the building.

The men are being lodged in the Hardin County Detention Center. Schumate said they are expected to be charged with escape. Other charges could be possible.

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