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Police: Woman ordered child to stab his aunt

Tamera Jenkins (Source: LMDC) Tamera Jenkins (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE ) - Louisville Metro Police have charged a woman with assault after she got into a fight with her sister and told her young son to stab his aunt.

According to an arrest report, 26-year-old Tamera Jenkins and her sister got into a fight Saturday afternoon at a home in the 1700 block of Mae Street Kidd Avenue. 

"Two sisters got into a physical altercation over the use of the mother's car," said Dwight Mitchell, LMPD Spokesperson.

A police report says that things quickly spiraled out of control.

Jenkins would be arrested as a result of that fight - not just for the assault, but police say for getting her young child involved.

"The suspect in the case ordered her four year old son to retrieve a kitchen knife. The four year old did bring it back and she ordered the four year old to stab the aunt," Mitchell explained.

Police say Jenkins ordered her four year old to stab his aunt, Jenkins' sister, while the two were rolling around on the floor fighting.

"It's bizarre; the whole thing of ordering a four year old to kill his aunt and in this case your sister and allegedly over a vehicle," Mitchell said.

Police say that other kids got involved, all under the age of ten, and were able to get the knife out of the little boy's hands just as he was swinging the weapon.

All the chaos sent two kids to the hospital to have stitches.

"We're trying to move past it," said the aunt of the two sisters who were fighting.

She says the family is trying to heal.

"We wished it had never happened, but it did. What happened, happened. We can't go back and undo it. We have to go on from here and hopefully and prayerfully work everything out," the aunt said.

She's praying for peace for the family and that the two sisters can work things out.

"No matter what we're still going to love her, regardless of what the outcome is. She's our family and we love her and we will continue to love her. Families have issues. There's not a family out here on God's green Earth that doesn't have issues and we're no different than anybody else," the aunt said.

Police say that between the two women, there were eight children present at the time of the fight. All of the kids were under the age of 10.

Jenkins was booked into Louisville Metro Corrections on two counts of assault and nine counts of wanton endangerment.

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