Sole survivor of triple-fatal crash reunited with Good Samaritans

Maranda White
Maranda White
Sarah Figg
Sarah Figg
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - She lost three of her family members in a crash and now the 18 year old sole survivor has been reunited with the Good Samaritans who came to the rescue.

"I'm very,very, very happy and thankful for what they did," Maranda White said from her hospital bed inside University Hospital Tuesday afternoon.

The one-car crash happened late Saturday night, near the 28 mile marker along I-64 in Shelby County, killing three of the four occupants.
White is actually from the west side of Indianapolis and was headed to Corbin, Kentucky with her family to pick up more relatives for a trip to Kings Island when things took a terrible turn.
"I was asleep when the car started to wreck and started to swerve. I woke up when it started to flip and I blacked out so I don't remember much of it," White told WAVE 3 News.
White has a laundry list of injuries from the accident.
"I have a fracture on my eye socket; I have a breast bone broken. I have four broken ribs. My wrist is broken. My pelvis is broken. Out of everything that is wrong with me right now, my ankle is the only thing giving me the biggest problem," White explained.
White's survival story may not have been possible without a group of four high school students and their limo driver who were headed home from their prom.
They reunited for the first time Tuesday.
"I saw the car flipping and I saw people shoot out," Martha Layne Collins High School freshman Sarah Figg said.
She ran up to the car, found White, and laid on the ground talking to her until help arrived.
"It was nothing I would have expected. I have blood all over my dress, but I don't care; at least I helped her," Figg said.
"I didn't want to be alone and she actually laid down on the ground with me and stayed with me and it helped me a lot," White said while fighting back tears.
The parents of one of the other students says they're all still processing the images they saw.
"Sitting there watching somebody die and seeing somebody dead it's hard, it's very hard," Good Samaritan parent Taneshia Wright said.
The four students were sitting in the back part of the limo, unaware of the crash while the driver witnessed everything.
"I'm trying to stop and do defensive driving where this car is flipping beside us and start seeing bodies come out," limo driver Dennis Gray said.
He actually stayed with White's mom until paramedics arrived, and shared her mom's final moments during Tuesday's emotional reunion.
"Your mom was worried about you; she was asking where you were and making sure you were all right; that was her concern; that was her main concern," Gray explained as White fought back tears.

She is expected to be released Friday from University Hospital.

She'll then graduate on Tuesday, all while coping with the loss of her mom, step dad, and uncle.

As for the students and limo driver who helped her, she says she considers them family.

As for the cause of the crash, it may never be known.

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