KSP unveil new device to solve crimes, accidents

FRANKFORT, KY, (WAVE) - Crime scenes. Accidents. Every inch could make or break a case.  That's why Kentucky State Police investigators are showing off a new tool to help them, help you.

It's called the Leica Scan Station. The tool can capture 3-D images, animations and measurement points in a 900-foot range.

KSP is the first law enforcement agency to use a 3D scanner to solve crimes and analyze crash scenes.

The equipment provides the agency with, what investigators said, will be a cutting edge tool to solve crimes.

"It will take millions of points which enables us to take various measurements. It also photographs the scene which in the future, if it was a criminal case, will allow us to take the jury back in the scene and recreate what was going on," Sgt. Chad Mills said.

Sgt. Mills said it could reduce the time it takes during criminal investigations by 40 to 50 percent.

The Leica Scan Station can provide precise measurements for indoor and outdoor investigations.

"This powerful forensic tool that enables detectives to quickly document and measure a crime scene using laser mapping technology provides an accurate, 3-D picture of a crime scene," KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer said.

KSP purchased the device with money from the Violence Against Women Act grant, made available through the Department of Justice, the Kentucky State Police.

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