Gibson to face death penalty; Child in washing machine; Preventing home fires

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

Happy Wednesday!

We've got a lot going today.  I hope you'll join Dawne Gee and me for WAVE 3 News at 5!

Suspected serial killer William Clyde Gibson had another murder charged added today and we learned he will face the death penalty.  We've got a team covering this story today with WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss in the courtroom and WAVE 3's Katie Bauer talking to the victims' families.

A Jefferson County public school teacher has been arrested and charged with assaulting a woman in front of her nine year old.

Plus, we showed you that video of the child who was put inside a front-loading washer and then the machine turned on.  Tonight, we've got an update as police say maybe it wasn't the child's father who did it.

And, if a fire were to ever hit your home, chances are good it would start in your kitchen.  WAVE 3's Scott Reynolds shows you what to do when every second counts and new technology that could save your family.

We'll see you for all of that starting at 5:00!

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