Community group aims at training young adults for jobs to stop the violence

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Community organization "Project One" is among the agencies trying to stop Louisville's recent violent crime outbreak.
The agency, led by Dr. Charles King, Jr., believes that education and employment are two of the fundamentals needed to stop the killings.
A packed house of young adults ages 13-to-24 listen to those who've overcome great obstacles to become great people.
"I'm standing here as a product of 40211, and if I can stand here with an earned doctorate, you can replace me one day at this podium," one community member said.
To help get them on the right path, Dr. Charles King, Jr. with Project One is reaching out to our youth to help them get a job.
"We're trying to get the rough edges off of them," he said.
Through various forums, each student is learning valuable skills to help them land a summer job.
"It really takes the kids out of the streets during the summer time and gives them something meaningful to do," King said.
But to clench the job, they must first learn how to clench the interview -- from a simple handshake, to making sense of employment forms.
"They're doing mock interviews, how to fill out a job application, employee expectation, positive attitudes because they could be the smartest kid in the world but if their attitude sucks then they won't be a person an employer wants to hire," King said.

Project One has had more than 1,000 applicants for its training process and actually has a wait list.

The group says its success is dependent on the job market and more Louisville area employers offering more jobs.

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