Bardstown man charged with stabbing girlfriend

Mike Auberry, Sr. (Source: Bardstown Police)
Mike Auberry, Sr. (Source: Bardstown Police)

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Police say it was a brutal attack by a Nelson County man on his live-in girlfriend. She's in the hospital, he's in jail and their neighbors on O'Bryan Avenue in Bardstown say they're not surprised.

"I know Michael Auberry personally," said neighbor David Roberts, Sr. "I've had dealings with him before."

If you asked his neighbors, Mike Auberry, Sr., 57, wouldn't be winning any popularity contests.

"Look how many times he's cut people and cut tires," Roberts said. "He cut my tires at the armory. He's cut people right and left, tried to cut me."

Court records show a man with a violent past: three assault arrests, and others for resisting arrest, terroristic threatening and arson.

Sherry and Charles Hardin's mother, Sharon, was married to him.

"She was at a bar one night and he stabbed her twice in the back," Sherry said. "It went five inches deep by her lung and then the third time he stabbed her, she sewed herself up to keep him from going to jail because there were so many calls on domestic violence between the two of them."

"That's not the first time," said Charles. "He's been married several times before my mom and he has beat them and put them in the hospital."

So that's why people who knew Auberry were not surprised by what police say happened Wednesday night at 313 East O'Bryan Avenue.

Police found his live-in girlfriend, 49-year-old Sunday Tutor, with a large gash in her neck. Auberry, they say, had two knives in his pocket and dried blood on his hand.

He's charged with attempted murder.

"The man is not what he's supposed to be," said Roberts. "He's not there. It's obvious."

People who live near Auberry aren't waiting for a jury to decide what should happen to him.

Roberts said, "what are they going to do, wait for him to kill somebody before they put him in jail for good?"

Tutor went to Flaget Hospital and was later taken to University Hospital by helicopter. We were unable to find out how she's doing.

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