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Floyd County Prosecutors have asked for the death penalty in the case against Southern Indiana's suspected serial killer William Clyde Gibson.  Tonight at 5, WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss talks to detectives as they explain who discovered his victim's bodies and how they were discovered.  Authorities also point to some very bizarre behavior after they believe Gibson murdered the women.

It is the last day of school for JCPS and for parents maybe the first day trying to figure out what their kids are going to do all summer. WAVE 3's Scott Adkins takes a look at local summer programs to keep kids busy and parents happy.  Keeping a pen and paper handy for this story would not be a bad idea.  There may be a little homework after.

Surgery is always a scary thing.  The surgical blades, the surgeon's tools and the success of the procedure may cause a lot of worry for anyone who has to go under the knife.  In Kentuckiana there is one surgery where slicing is a thing of the past.  WAVE 3's Lori Lyle introduces us to some doctors here at home who are using a new cutting edge technique for cataracts.  Tonight at 5 the doctor is in and doing NEW things without a blade.  We'll tell you what this new technique means for a patient's health, healing and peace of mind.

This may cause an argument in the office so you may not want to read it out loud!  We laugh and joke about how dirty the men's bathroom is, well what about a man's desk?  If you were to look around the office, whose desk is the cleanest?  Do the ladies win the white glove award or do we have to give it to the guys?   We may all be surprised to find out just "how" dirty our environment really is and who wins the clean desk award between the sexes.

Buckle up for this news as WAVE 3's Chris McGill shares the new law concerning vans and the effect it could have on your family.  You may also have to shell out some big bucks and make some big changes to your van depending on the year it was made.  The Governor says all the changes are for the safety of the Common Wealth and those on the road.  You 5.

Would you like to go sailing?  No water or boat is needed for this sale.  It's one of Kentuckiana's largest Garage sales and one of Kentuckiana's favorite past times.  Gather your pen, paper and extra change for all the information and deals that will be coming your way today at 5.

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