Geli Cakes - Italian Style Ice Cream On Bardstown Road

(LOUISVILLE, May 13th, 2004) -- In tonight's edition of "What's Cookin' In Kentuckiana, WAVE 3's Carrie and Kevin Harned once again introduce us to a new place to get a bite to eat. And this cafe will satisfy your hunger and your sweet tooth in one stop.

As the temperatures continue to climb, you might be craving a special cool treat. And when it comes to the Geli Cakes Cafe, no ordinary ice cream will do.

It may look like soft serve yogurt or even a sorbet, but the recipe is a newcomer to Louisville. It's called "Gelato" which is the Italian version of ice cream. Dan Baker, owner of Geli Cakes Cafe says there's a reason for the separate version: "There is just too much junk going in with American ice cream."

But Baker says that's not the case with Gelato. "It is denser than American ice cream, it is more intense in its flavor because it is denser, you're not tasting air, you're actually tasting ice cream."

A special imported machine is used to make the Gelato and there's also a special case to store it. The crem bru le is the most popular flavor, and the only additions are of high quality.

"We do use a fine shaved Belgium chocolate on our chocolate mint and also on our run for the roche."

But before you jump straight to dessert, try one of the paninis. That's right, an Italian sandwich. "We make sandwiches like Italian Carnival and turkey artichoke sandwiches. And one of the more popular sandwiches we have for vegetarians is goat cheese and red pepper pannini."

Geli Cakes cafe is open for lunch and dinner or a late night snack every day but Monday. And while it may serve up Italian treats, there's no passport required. It's right along Bardstown Road, near the Doo Wop Shop on Bardstown road.