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Sheriff says teacher allowed underage drinking at party

Laura Mahuron Laura Mahuron
Sheriff Claude Combs Sheriff Claude Combs

SALEM, IN (WAVE) –A high school graduation party gone wild, filled with underage drinking and even a student sent to the hospital could have parents, one being a teacher, facing criminal charges.

A science and social studies teacher at Salem Middle School might need a lesson in the law after police said she and her husband let the booze flow at a party for their teenage daughter and her friends.

Washington County Sheriff Claude Combs said the parents of 18-year-old Teddi Mahuron should have known better especially her mother Laura, "She's a teacher and role model and I don't think that was much of a role model thing to do."

Hours after her daughter graduated from Salem High School Saturday Laura and her husband John threw the graduation party at their home. An anonymous caller led deputies to the house at 1:10 a.m. where they found around 2 dozen underage teens openly drinking. Deputies don't know exactly how many were at the party, because when they showed up a number of them ran into the woods and escaped.  

According to an incident report uncovered by the Troubleshooter Department, deputies found John Mahuron in the yard and his wife inside the home. Teens told investigators both knew what was going on. One teen was so drunk he was falling down and vomiting. Deputies rushed the teen to the emergency room where he was picked up by his dad.

Sheriff Combs told us deputies made sure all of the other teens made it home safely.

Sheriff Combs said, "A lot of times we don't get the call at the party we get it at the crash scene."

The middle school teacher and her husband could face a dozen charges for contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allowing the teens to drink in their home. Eleven other teens caught drinking underage, but not considered minors could be charged separately.

The case is in the hands of the Washington County Prosecutor's Office.

A decision on charges could come Thursday.

The Superintendent of Salem schools says they are not going to comment until their investigation is complete.

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