Businesses prepare more for rain after Tuesday's flooding

Justin Scally
Justin Scally

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We got a break from mother nature Wednesday after Tuesday's  heavy downpour, but it sounds like more rain is in our future.

That anticipated forecast has people who were hit hard with 3-4 inches of rain preparing for Thursday.

Inside UofL's Chemistry building, the cleanup continued Wednesday.

22 buildings around campus leaked water. Three buildings, including the chemistry building, suffered substantial damage. Cars were stranded in flooded streets. Wednesday there was a much different scene on Brook Street.

"There were about 20 vehicles parked in this general area (Brook Street) that did suffer significant water damage," said U of L spokesperson Mark Hebert.

Lightning also hit the Province Apartments near U of L, leaving more students displaced than initially thought.

"Does turn out that we have 36 students we had to relocate we originally thought we had 12-24," said Hebert.

At Louisville Metro Animal Services, they also suffered some water flooding Tuesday. They are already preparing for possibly more flooding.

"There are some trenches that have been dug and areas have been recognized that have had issues in the past," said LMAS Director Justin Scally.

At Brownsboro and Sprincrest Drive, a multicar accident ended with an SUV in a creek on Tuesday. Congressman John Yarmuth's mother Edna was inside.

It wasn't easy to get her out but, once they did she was taken to University Hospital.

"She is doing remarkably well for an 85-year-old 85 pound woman," said Congressman Yarmuth. "She is pretty tough. She has a few minor injuries she will be laid up for a little bit nothing permanent."

Congressman Yarmuth says the smart thing his mother did was to stay in her car till help arrived.

He expects her to come home tomorrow and says there is small fracture in her lower back.

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