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Dawne Gee
Dawne Gee

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I hope you'll join Janelle MacDonald and me for WAVE 3 News at 5!

You may want to watch the weather!  The WAVE 3 Weather Team is keeping an eye on Kentuckiana as a chance for severe weather moves into the area.  Where ever you end up at 5 this evening, make sure you turn to WAVE 3 News and our team of Hometown Meteorologist for the weather in your backyard.  Our team will keep your family safe and informed…!

There is a new team in town to help survivors of the March 2nd tornadoes.  "March 2 Recovery" invites all Henryville residents to meet the "Green Team" tonight.  It is time to begin the final chapter of this long, heart-rending story with the hope and help of Metro United Way and the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee.  We'll have all the information you need plus weather forecast that could change pretty quick and could postpone the whole community event.

It started with the beating of an eight year old according to witnesses on Bardstown Road, tonight on WAVE 3 News a disturbing story of abuse as two boys and their pets are left alone for almost an hour inside a hot car.  We'll have more on the story and the mother responsible.

Breasting feeding in public has always been a controversial issue.  The actions of two Military Moms have added fuel to the fire and folks across the Country are talking including here in Kentuckiana.  We have posted a poll on our website  Let us know what you think after you see the story at 5.

If you are heading to the pool or your favorite vacation spot, you might want to join us at 5 first for a list of foods and a few tips that will make putting on a bathing suit a breeze.  We'll talk to a dietician who will actually name a few of the best foods to keep on hand.  Maybe putting on that itsy bitsy teeny weeny little polka dot bikini will be a pleasure this summer and not a pain…..if you get a little help!

I'll see ya there...right !!

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