Panel of judges hear Karen Sypher appeals case

CINCINNATI, OH (WAVE) - She was convicted of trying to extort millions from University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino. As Karen Sypher sits in a Florida prison, her legal team appeared before a Federal appeals court in Ohio.

WAVE 3 traveled to Cincinnati where a panel of 3 judges heard oral arguments from both sides at the Potter Stewart Federal Courthouse. In the hearing, each side had 15 minutes. Cameras were not allowed inside the Courthouse.

At one point, one of the judges said defense attorney David Nolan's argument "appeared to be a waste of everybody's time." At another point, the panel went back and forth saying Nolan's argument had no evidence backing it in the trial record.

"We will see if they read her 64 page appeal which is up against the limit of 14,000 words," said defense attorney David Nolan. "So, we will see what the ruling is from today."

Sypher is currently serving a 7 year sentence for her conviction. Her legal team appealed the conviction arguing she didn't get a fair trial. The team motioned for a new trial and claimed ineffective assistance of council.

"And just mentioning of the appeal, everything that we had a legitimate issue with the case log, the facts, and I think my closing was cut to the quick," said Nolan.

The prosecution countered saying many of Nolan's arguments were warrentless, that a new trial is not warranted and Sypher did get a fair trial, with substantial evidence. A decision was not reached Thursday.

"I'm not surprised," said Nolan. "I did not expect a decision today."

Sypher's family was at the appeals hearing though they did not comment on camera. The case will be submitted and a decision will be reached. No word on when that decision will be.

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