Hanging Baskets Versatile, Garden-Friendly

By Cindi Sullivan

(LOUISVILLE, May 14th, 2004, 2:30 p.m.) -- Hanging baskets are a great addition to your garden. WAVE 3 Garden Talk expert Cindi Sullivan has more on how to choose the right ones.

By now you know that I love utilizing containers of all kinds in my garden. I plant everything I can in containers. Some of the most effective types of containers I've found are hanging baskets.

I love the look of the black wire backsets -- they fit into virtually any decor. And the manufacturers make it so easy to plant them with performed coconut husk liners.

To plant hanging baskets, simply add a light weight potting mix like Promix, I also like to incorporate some water holding crystals in to the root zone area. These crystals will help to extend the time between watering.

When you are choosing plants for your containers (especially flowering plants) make sure that you are choosing plants with some flower buds that are quite tight. This will extend the flowering period.

You can combine several different plants in your container for more interest and texture. This container will feature Osteospermum for a little height, Million Bells as a medium size addition and the new silver dichondra to trail over the sides.

Keep in mind that your hanging baskets may need to be watered as often as twice daily if they are in full sun. Maintain them well and you will be rewarded with a season of bloom.

Online Reporter: Cindi Sullivan

Online Producer: Michael Dever