Mt. Washington shooter: history of domestic violence

Nathan P. Gabbard (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center)
Nathan P. Gabbard (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center)

MT. WASHINGTON, KY (WAVE) - Court documents and recordings reveal a history of domestic violence against the man who shot another in the face and held a woman at gunpoint before taking his own life.

Nathan Gabbard, 25, is dead after a shooting spree at an apartment complex over the weekend that wounded another young man. Detectives said Gabbard became angry with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. Gabbard eventually broke into her apartment and shot himself. The young man is expected to make a full recovery, according to Bullitt County Detective Scott McGaha.

WAVE 3 discovered Gabbard violated an Emergency Protective Order in 2009 after his baby's mother accused him of abusing her and their baby.

In courtroom video obtained from 2008, a judge scolds Gabbard for allegedly abusing the baby and orders him to enroll in counseling. The woman alleged Gabbard, "allowed the baby to choke on the formula while feeding the child." She wrote, "he then became aggravated and smacked her very hard while burping the baby."

The woman claims Gabbard then threatened to kill her and the baby. WAVE 3 is not broadcasting or releasing the victim's name.

Gabbard agreed to receive treatment during the court proceeding. "There had been some problems in the past she stated between them. Some of those issues are documented," Detective McGaha said.

Shortly before midnight Saturday, June 2 police said Gabbard caused another domestic dispute at a Mt. Washington apartment complex.

Investigators believe Gabbard shot the other man in the face during an argument in the courtyard. The injured man survived and called 911. Emergency responders rushed him to University Hospital.

"He is lucky to be alive. It's my understanding from talking to him at University the other night he was coherent, talking and able to give us a statement," Detective McGaha said.

A witness said she grabbed a small child who was caught in the middle.

"I saw her ex-boyfriend running across the parking lot chasing her new boyfriend and shooting," Missy Lewis said. "I just thought he was going to hurt her. Or the baby. I heard nothing but screaming so I ran up there."

Lewis said when the armed man heard sirens, "he put the gun in her face first. Then he turned the gun and shot himself."

The Bullitt County Sheriff's Office has taken over the investigation.

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