Dr's Drug Problem; Is All Wet Good

Dawne Gee
Dawne Gee

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The doctor is in……jail!  According to police, a MT. Washington Family Practitioner wrote prescriptions for not only her legitimate patients but herself and anyone else that wanted to pay her for the drugs illegally.  The physician is now in court along with a number of people busted in that same drug ring. WAVE 3's Maira Ansari will have a live report on the court proceedings and the latest on what police discovered in their investigation.

This news will be a hard pill to swallow for some.  Prescription drugs can cost you a pretty penny even if you do have insurance.  Insurance companies are now finding a way to charge even more especially for the higher priced medications.  The ones who need the higher priced medication the most are usually the folks who are seriously or chronically ill.  Their medicals bills and expenses are generally high enough.  We'll take a look at the rising cost of prescription medications.

It sounds like good news when you hear that oil prices are falling.  Today at 5, we'll take a look at why that brief break for your pocket book may be a signal that our economy is breaking.

Some had flashes of the Virginia Tech tragedy after a man walked into a downtown Louisville college campus screaming he was going to kill everyone.  We'll tell you how authorities here at home handle this very fragile situation.

Some residents in E-town are toasting the sale of alcohol in their town.  It's been six months filled with a lot of changes because of the new commodity on the shelf.  We've been with this story before the city even took a vote.  Tonight, we take a look at what "WET" means to E-town

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