Neighbors look for answers after multiple arson fires

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For months, people living in one Pleasure Ridge Park neighborhood have been dealing with a series of arson fires. Monday night neighbors met to try and get some answers.

On Mills Drive, just off of Dixie Highway, the normally quiet neighborhood is on guard for good reason.

Lorane Miller explained, "Things are going up in flames!"

Literally, that's the case.

At least 18 fires have popped up since October and continued through May. "It kind of worries me because I thought, I lived in a safe neighborhood," said resident Dee Vance.

Vance has charted most of the structure and car fires. "I live in the curve where most of all the fires have occurred," she told us, "and we just decided collectively the neighborhood had to do something."

At a meeting Metro arson investigators told the neighbors they believe at least 12 fires are suspicious. Arson Squad Captain Chris Jenkins told WAVE 3 News, "The problem is, the fires are happening every day of the week and it's not a particular day that we can target."

Two garages burned and another fire a few weeks ago took out a truck.

Vance rushed across the street to help put it out.  "I ran out and knocked on the neighbor's door" she explained. "One neighbor came out with a water hose and the neighbor on the other side grabbed a rug that was on his porch and we just put it out."

Jenkins told us of the suspects, "We have identified a couple of persons of interest and we're still working the case and trying to figure out what's going on and obviously who's responsible."

Some homes in the neighborhood are up for sale.

Residents at the meeting tell us, they refuse to live in fear so, they're pledging to be pro-active in the hopes of catching an arsonist.

Neighbor Lorane Miller said, "I think more people need to be on their P's and Q's and knowing who their neighbor is as well as talking to more people and getting out," she said, "asking, have you heard anything?"

Arson investigators agree: The only thing that will help stop and solve these suspicious fires is information from the neighbors.  They advise any tip is another piece of the puzzle.

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