Man shot in face describes deadly shooting

Nathan Gabbard
Nathan Gabbard

MT. WASHINGTON, KY (WAVE) - The man shot in the face is out of the hospital and sharing his story with WAVE 3. A bullet severed part of his cheek.

The young man wanted to clarify a few details.

His name is Daniel, but he doesn't want his last name broadcast or printed.

It happened during a shooting spree at an apartment complex that ended with the shooter dead. Police said Nathan Gabbard, 25, turned the gun on himself.

Detectives said Gabbard became angry with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. Gabbard eventually broke into her apartment, threatened her at gunpoint and shot himself.

Law enforcement said Daniel and Gabbard got into a fight or altercation. Daniel said it didn't happen that way.

Instead, he told WAVE 3 that 45 minutes passed while he tried to talk some sense into Gabbard. "It's like I was dealing with three different people. One minute he'd be fine. The next minute he'd be upset. Next minute, kind of shook up," Daniel said.

Daniel said he tried to calm down Gabbard who arrived at the Mount Washington Apartments, a complex on West Street in Mt. Washington. He just started seeing the woman. Gabbard apparently didn't like that.

"He was hurting. We began to talk. I ended up explaining to him about Jesus Christ. I couldn't change his mind," Daniel said.

Then, Gabbard went back to his vehicle where he had a gun.

"When he got out of the car this time, he mocked me and mocked Jesus Christ. Told me to pray. Told me to start praying as he pointed the pistol, the nine millimeter in my face. I looked at him and I said I'm all prayed up. And he shot me. Right in the face."

Gabbard then ran up stairs to the woman's apartment, shot the door in and held the young woman at gunpoint, according to investigators.

Gabbard would later take his life when witnesses said he heard sirens.

Daniel wants the gunman's parents and siblings to know, "You don't have to ask for my forgiveness. When it happened. I forgave you already because I tried. And the hardest thing for me was to forgive myself because I felt like I lost."

If you wish to help Daniel and his family offset counseling and medical expenses, here is how: donations may be sent to the Maryville Church of God, 4601 Summit Drive, Louisville KY 40229. Please indicate on the envelope that it should be directed to "Daniel's Fund."

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