Thieves caught on camera with $70,000 in stolen goods

Ralph Philpot and Anthony Stinson (Source: LMDC)
Ralph Philpot and Anthony Stinson (Source: LMDC)

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Caught on camera: Jeffersontown Police say two thieves who thought they were about to be successful with a big heist, were instead busted in the act.

It happened a few days ago at the Jeffersontown Lowe's store on Hurstbourne Parkway.

Police say the thieves tripped themselves up by tripping the alarm even though they thought they had disabled it.

Investigators say the surveillance video shows the two crooks seem to know exactly what they're doing inside the Lowe's store. The two men, police say, were moving $70,000 worth of big ticket items to the back door in a matter of minutes. It happened overnight on May 27.

"They had power tools, they had the drill sets, compressors," explained Detective Ted Spegal, "they were high end items worth a couple of thousand dollars each."

Spegal says 44-year-old Ralph Philpot and 33-year-old Anthony Stinson first got into the building by hot-wiring a Lowe's fork lift to get in the back door.

"There was a door in the back of the building that had been pried open with one of the machines at the Lowe's store itself," he said.

Spegal told us the two men worked fast to disarm the alarm and were making good time getting the merchandise ready to go, saying it was nearly the perfect crime.

" But, what they didn't count on," Spegal said, "most specialty stores have layers of security systems so even if you de-activate one, there's certainly several other systems in play."

In the end, the alarm system did what it was supposed to do and did the duo in. Police were quickly alerted for a fast arrest.

"I'm sure they weren't done but, I think we foiled their plans," Spegal told us.

The detective says thieves sometimes sell high end power tools at yard sales or swap meets and sometimes right on the street.

The two men are charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

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