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Woman talks about man breaking into her home

Shermaine Pendleton (Source: LMDC) Shermaine Pendleton (Source: LMDC)
Norma Aguliar Norma Aguliar
Aguliar's home Aguliar's home
Aguliar's 10-year-old son Aguliar's 10-year-old son
Aguliar's two-week-old baby boy Aguliar's two-week-old baby boy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville woman and her two children were at their apartment along Garrison Road when a man running from police broke into their home on Tuesday.

Norma Aguliar said as she was woken from a nap with her two-week-old son when the man broke in.

She was only able to call 911 and hang up without speaking, for fear that 36-year-old Shermaine Pendleton would hurt herself or her family.

"He only tell me not to call police," she said.

That's because he was trying to avoid officers after running away from an officer who pulled him over just moments before on his motorcycle.

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"He was driving it rather erratically through traffic around National Turnpike and when the officer did get this individual stopped, he stopped at the Yorktown Apartments," said LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell.

Police believe the suspect was desperate for a getaway, going in the front and the back of the apartments until he finally found a unit right here where he was able to get inside.

Officers responded to the mother's hang-up 911 calls. As officers arrived, the suspect quickly ran into the bathroom.

"He apparently flushed what could have been suspected to be narcotics down the toilet there and came outside and was arrested," said Mitchell.

The mother's 10-year-old son had been hiding during the ordeal, and came out to see officers everywhere.

"I was feeling so scared like the police was going to shoot us," said the little boy.

Moments later, he says a canine came into the apartment, standing by the suspect. "I heard the dog I was scared. I thought the dog was going to start to attack me, but it was only trying to attack the man," he said.

The dog didn't attack anyone, and Pendleton surrendered peacefully, facing several charges including burglary, unlawful imprisonment, and fleeing from police.

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