Victim dials 911 as bus flips over

MUNFORDVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  For the first time, some of the people who were on board a charter bus as it flipped onto its side Wednesday evening are speaking about their terrifying experience.

It was supposed to be an exciting and educational trip to Washington, D.C. that took 6 months to plan. Minutes into the trip, at a curve along KY 728, the trip took a turn for the worst.

"Whenever we were flipping, it was like slow motion going over," said Logan Day, 14, who survived the bus crash.

Day and his mother, Deidre were on board the charter bus. Deidre spoke to WAVE 3 before taking her son back to the hospital.

"We could brace and see as we flipped to the side and the glass started shattering and people were kind of flipping over us," said Deidre.

A group of 20 adults and 34 students from Cub Run Elementary School were traveling from Cub Run, Kentucky to the District of Columbia from WorldStrides, a student travel organization. It was not a school related event.

"I was looking forward to seeing the White House and all the monuments up there," Logan said.

Minutes into their trip, the bus operated by New Image Travel, came to a curve in the road.

"The driver was going a little fast in my opinion," Angela Barbour, a teacher at Cub Run Elementary School said. Barbour was the trip organizer.

Barbour along with Maria Miles and her child were also on board the bus when it crashed. Barbour's arm was in a sling. Miles and Barbour both had bruised arms Thursday. Miles dialed 911 as the bus was tipping.

"I knew immediately we weren't going to make the curve," said Miles. "So, I started calling 911.  Then, we didn't make the curve. The next thing I knew, we were on our side."

Emergency responders rushed to the scene. The injured were taken to area hospitals to be checked out.

"We're so fortunate," Ricky Line, Superintendent of Hart County Schools said. "The students and the adults are so fortunate. The good Lord decided to stop the bus right there."

Several people told WAVE 3 the driver was warned about the area's curvy roads.

"I think he was irresponsible, definitely," said  Barbour. "Then again, I think he was just overly confident in his driving abilities because he said 'I've drove roads worse than this before.'"

I'm not angry towards the man," said Terry Day, 48, Logan's father who was not on the bus. "But, I believe he  should have listened to the parents that told him. I heard from other parents that he was told 3 times to slow down."

Line said everyone on board the bus was okay, Thursday.

Jim Hall, CEO and President of WorldStrides said "We are very saddened by the events of yesterday (Wednesday) evening and very concerned about the students, teachers and parents who were on the bus as well as their families in the broader community. We do have a senior member of our executive team who should be in the community early (Thursday) afternoon to meet with school administrators, or any individuals or families who were affected by this accident."

Rick Juelss, a representative with New Image Travel said "Everything is under investigation." Juless would not comment further.

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