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Make a bid and make a difference for the Kentucky Humane Society

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Just one mile south of Taylorsville Road in Jeffersontown sits a 4,300 square foot French Rustic home on 14 acres of park-like land.   

It will be auctioned in the coming days, along with all the personal belongings of two J-Town women. Involved in the J-Town community and loving life, Peggy Weber and Petra Williams enjoyed just about everything they did and everything they had. As the saying goes about death and all your possessions, "You can't take it with you". Williams and Weber made sure what they left behind would make a difference for some needy little ones with little hope and no home.

Joe Gribbins of Wardlow Auctions smiles saying, "This is the most unique estate we have ever encountered by far." That statement is easy to understand once you see the thousands of items collected by the two women.

The cousins were very well known business women in the community and if they saw something they wanted they bought it.

Cecil Davis, co-executor of the estate and family friend, explained "They never sold, they bought. Nothing was sold out of this house except the books.  They just collected for 65 years."

Their books, all six of them, were about Flow Blue and Staffordshire Transferware China. Their expertise on the subject is known world wide.

Their treasures range from collectibles, including invitations from John F. Kennedy's Presidential Inauguration and a 1946 Chicago Cubs team ball. 

Gribbins is a 3rd generation auctioneer but as he looked around he told us, "It is just amazing and we have been working on this for about six months trying to prepare for it and also research the items."

With all the items documented, cataloged, counted and authenticated, the auction is off to a good start. The two cousins, who lived life to the fullest, will now after their life, give the same way they lived.   

"The main benefactor is the Kentucky Humane Society," Gribbins said.

Now the home that Weber and Williams fondly named Humming Bird Hill will be sold along with all their personal property for a passion they refuse to forget even in death, homeless animals.

"These two ladies were very unique and I think the purchaser of the property is going to be unique from the standpoint they want to something different. Not the same old cookie cutter house sitting in a subdivision," Gribbins said very assured.

The home needs a little love just like all the rescued animals at the Kentucky Humane Society. The money from the sale of the estate will help a lucky pup or maybe a lucky cat find their home sweet home.

As we stood and looked around, Gribbins may have said it but we were all thinking it, "Its so removed. It's so quiet out here. It's just a paradise"

The auction of the personal items must be broken into two phases because of the volume of articles. Online bidding closes Monday June 11. The second phase ends July 2. The live real estate auction will take place at the home, 4906 Chenoweth Run Road in Jeffersontown at 4:30 p.m. July 1. For online bidding and terms and conditions visit

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